No Pig Fat In E631

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By Sarang

NOTE: This is for Pakistan only.

NOTE: According to Saima Arshad, R&D Manager, these certificates are authentic and indeed from Pepsi Pakistan.

UPDATE: The ad from Lays and its Media Statement has been added.

I have received a number of forwarded emails regarding E631 being present in the Lays Masala which is a product of Pepsi. It is highlighted that E631 is produced from pig fat. According to a comment by Saad on my post "Pig Fat By Dr. M. Amjad Khan", E631 is present in other Pepsi products as well like Cravys and Kurkure. It is also said to be an ingredient of Kolson Slanty.

Some googling tell that E631 can be generated in 3 different ways:

  1. It can be obtained from sardines (fish).
  2. It can be made from brewer yeast extract which is a by-product of beer making process.
  3. It can be extracted from pig meat.

If method #1 is used then it is Halal. If method #2 is used then it is not Haram but it is better to avoid it. However if method #3 is used then most certainly it is Haram.

One of the readers Mr Umar Shafique gathered the certificates proving that E631 being used by Pepsi in Pakistan is from Halal source. According to these certificates there is no pig fat or any other haram animal fat. I am attaching the certificates here with his permission. So thanks to Umar we can now relax and enjoy Lays, Cravysm, Kurkuray and Slanty.

See below the certificate from Pepsi Pakistan ensuring that E631 used in Lays is from Halal Source:

Click on the images to enlarge

E631 is actually present in the flavoring masala used in Lays. This masala, called Masala Magic PC, is bought from International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). The following certificate from IFF guarantees that E631 present in Masala Magic is Halal:

Click on the images to enlarge

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand ensures in the certificate below that Masala Magic PC, the product of IFF, is Halal.

Click on the images to enlarge

Lays has kicked off an advertisement campaign on 14th May, 2009 to ensure all the consumers that Lays is 100% Halal. The Jamia Ashrafia, Pakistan has endorsed that Lays produced by Pepsi Pakistan is Halal. Please see the Lays add and the Media Statatement below:

Click on the images to enlarge

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Yacir M Turk said...

IIF Flavor Ingredients!OpenForm

IIF Flavor Ingredients!OpenForm

On the product List of IIF none of these ingredients are mentioned.

Disodium inosinate
Masala, Magic PC

What if they don't even manufacture it and PEPSI is getting this ingredient from somewhere else.

Sarang said...

According to the letter from Pepsi E631 using in their product is from IFF.

According to the letter from IFF E631 is present in their product "Masala, Magic PC".

According to the certificate from Central Islamic Committee the product "Masala, Magic PC" is halal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clearification but in case ne1 is misguiding us muslims in this regard wid fake letters he'll punished strictly on the day of judgment.

Anonymous said...

If our Muslim Brother is telling the truth,we m very grateful to you and the Pepsi company for taking this issue into consideration.May Allah the Almighty bless you all and save us from the wrong.Ameen!

Anonymous said...

Yes lays is halal

Anonymous said...

sir u havnt clearified wether layz also contain hallal source of E631.its not a pepsi production also so showing all that cetificates prove that pepsi is halal what about layz

Yacir M Turk said...

Lays is a product of PEPSI ....

but as i mentioned earlier what if PEPSI is misguiding with fake letters (first 2 letters can easily be produced faked)and

- E631
- Disodium inosinate
- Masala, Magic PC

none of these ingredients are on the product list of IFF

Central Islamic Committee does not certify "Masala, Magic PC" or any of above mentioned product instead it certifies all products of IFF which does not contain these ingredients

Sarang said...

I have sent out emails to IFF as well as Pepsi Pakistan customer care for verification of these certificates. If i get any reply i will share it on this post.


Anonymous said...

These letters are fake and they are misguided us.


Anonymous said...


Research by Dr Amjad Khan (Medical Research Institute, United States) has proved that many products of multinational firms including, but not limited to -


have PIG FATS in them as ingredients.

This is shown in the form of E-Codes printed on the packs of such products. So we must try to avoid items with the following E Codes:
E100, E110, E120, E 140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E252,E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430, E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475,E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542,E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.

Lately We found the code E631 printed on the wrapper of LAYS POTATO CHIPS. The following images clearly show code E631 printed in the ingredients of LAYS POTATO CHIPS as flavour enhancers. Pig is HARAAM for Muslims. SO we MUST avoid eating it. These idiots are playing with our beliefs and making us eat whatever has been rsetricted by Allah and His Apostle (PBUH). We must be raise our voices against this crime.

anas bhutto said...

im not completely satisfy .you hav shown different kind of certificates that assure that e631 is made up of other things instead of pig.but question is that are other methods are according to slam if no then u are just fail to justify yourself

Sarang said...

Dear Usman

Can you please share why you think these letters are fake?


Sarang said...

Dear Anas

Here is what i understand based on my R&D on this and my communication with Pepsi Pakistan representative:

The reason why E631 is present in the ingredient list of Lays (a product of Pepsi) is because it is present in one of the ingredients of the flavoring masala that is used by Lays. Pepsi imports this masala a Thai company named International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). IFF calls this product Masala Magic PC.

IFFs product Masala Magic PC which contains E631 is certified to be Halal by Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. If they are certifying it to be Halal then whatever method was used for producing E631 must have been Halal.

I am not endorsing anything here. I am just sharing my understanding and findings.


adnan said...

hey sarang:

wats up buddy. im adnan here. u knw i heard abut this news a few days ago bt im very confused abt it.... Is it a properganda against lays company or Is it true?
I was surffing the details abt this news n go through your post too. May be its true or may be its fake.... I just wanna knw tht had u saw d certificates hard copy.... n wht do u think abt Dr. M.Amjad Khan is he lieing to us.... if yes then y........ After All he is in US too...if he is lieing then who is standing behind him? Whos paying him? Whos protecting him?

Anonymous said...

Can any body provide me Dr Amjad khan adddress or phone # i think this Amjad Khan only make fool all of us

Anonymous said...

Dear Adnan, Yes it is properganda against Lays products. Pig fat is one of the resouce for E631. there are many other resouce for E631 flavour enhancer. Lays are using E631 extructing from a plant Tapioca (starch) which is 100% halal. so do not confuse.People are making us fool be care full. It is furhter mentioned that E631 is also using in Jally,Pudding, and other products which are in our daily usage. if we got confuse it is difficult for us to live in.

Anonymous said...

MFK here
Quote: "wht do u think abt Dr. M.Amjad Khan is he lieing to us.... if yes then y........ After All he is in US too..."

Dr. Amjad is living in US so he can only comment abt products sold in US not anywhere else. v should b concerned abt pakistani lays.
If u compare it with US lays then in that way pizza hut/KFC/McDonald should also be haram but v keep eating them even though v know that their ingredients are also imported from foriegn countries.
So, just take a chill pill and enjoy the food.
as far as i m concerned i consider the HALAL seal on Lays product authentic.
If they are cheating us then its not our fault and they will be justified on judgement day.

Yacir M Turk said...

what if i give you Cyanide mixed chocolate in a wrapper which has many health labels and seals ... and some one told you that it is poisoned with Cyanide.

will you say him ???

"If they are cheating us then its not our fault and they will be justified on judgement day."????

Anonymous said...

Kashif Khan is here...
i m very very confused 2 listion this, nd i m unable to get any obstract from all this debat..
bt i think being a Muslims v shud to stop eating this till than v have to get any conclusion......

Javed Munir said...

Dear all, its simple is that, when anything creates doubt leave it. so please avoid taking "LAYS", life can be good even without that, believe me
thanks & regards,

maria khan said...

I am really very very confused!!!!!!!!!But i saw disodium inosinate written all by my self with my own eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


The full chemical name of E631 is Sodium Inosinate. What are you confused by this named?

charsadwall said...

its ok now but its for all those people who are still unawair about these facts. plz also forword to all of your friends. its ok now.....

Usman Ghani said...

I have read on the net that Disodium inosinate E631 can come from Pig fat, from fish and from artificial chemicals or a combination of the three. If the E631 used by Lays only comes from artificial chemicals then it maybe Halal but if it comes from Pig fat or a combination involving pig fat then it is haram.

Now we don’t know what is the origin of E631 used by Lays in Pakistan. Maybe it is halal, maybe it isn’t. If the origin of E631 is China or Thailand then one may still doubt that it is halal even if they have a certificate. That's because the certificate issuing authority has to be a qualified Mufti and not some company representative in Thailand or a Sales Manager in Pakistan. However, we don’t know enough to pass judgment. It is not that Lays Pakistan is taking an ad or through some credible Pakistani authority assuring us that it is Halal, something they can easily do. And it may very well be the case that in Saudi Arabia they are not using this chemical and in Pakistan they are using it. Or in Saudi Arabia they maybe using more expensive version of this chemical and in Pakistan they are using some cheaper version derived from pigs. After all Saudis are more vigilant than us, and multinationals have sold contaminated milk and other products in Pakistan and Bangladesh but not in Saudi Arabia or UAE.

As a muslim I think unless we have absolute clarity on the issue it is best to not accuse Lays of anything, but also be prudent and avoid consuming Lays chips. After all its only potato chips. We can easily eat other Pakistani brands of chips. Why risk taking on a huge sin just for the sake of a bag of chips?

Finally I note that last year I think it was McDonalds in India that admitted that its vegetarian products contained traces of animal flesh. I would hate to find out a year from now that Lays was by mistake using an ingredient that was derived from pigs. I would just as soon avoid Lays for now.

Game said...

Dear Brother Usman Ghani,

Why you shake your EMAN by saying HALAL Food HARAM without any proof dear it is great sin and ALLAHA never forgive us for this kind of act.

My dear brother if you don’t like lays then you stop eating but saying Halal food HARAM produced by GOD is not good

So kindly straighten your way

If you need any kind of prove regarding lays please write an email directly to lays company on given below email address and find the truth

Attn: Saima Arshad (Head of R&D Dept lays)

or visit given belwo site

just for your information lays is No 1 potato chips in saudi arabia and if some thing haram is used in manufacturing of lays then definitely saudi government block this company to do business but dear it is only a fake propaganda created by lays competitors and you are becoming a part of it

So kindly first investigate whole story then write such kind of comments

May god bless us and show us right path


Your Brother

Umar Shafique

Anonymous said...

@ All ... When a company is moving to a height givign others a tough time it faces a lot of problems...I dont say it will not have pig fat but in the ones which are produced in non muslim countries. In Pakistan and other Islamic states where Lay's has its own plant its ingredients are Halal Compliant. Also if u see the IFF certificate Page#2 u will find Masal Magic PC Written there in the product ist which is declared Halal by Islamic Committe of Thailand. Still all are seeking clarification until company announces something officially.

Anonymous said...

well i would suggest that if there is confusion or doubt about anything we should avoid it as what Islam says.

mesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Usman Ghani said...

I am grateful to Brother Umer Shafique who has kindly asked me to "straighten my way" and not call "halal" as "haram". However I must say that I did not say that Lays chips are haram, I only said that unless we are sure we should be careful and avoid consuming Lays chips.

And because Brother Umer has a lot of information on Lays, including the name and email address of its employees who claim that its products are halal, and its sales position in Saudi Arabia, he must be a big fan of Lays. So for him giving up Lays must be more difficult, but for the rest of us neutral consumers, adopting a wait and see approach for a few weeks is easy and prudent.

In the meantime, my advise for Lays company is to please get a Fatwa from a legitimate Alim in Pakistan and also Ulema from foreign countries where they are buying their ingredients and publicize those fatwas so consumers can be sure. The certificates they have posted on the sight mentioned on Brother Umer's response are not from Ulema but from Lays' employess and a general certificate from some entity in Thailand declaring all flavours from IFF as halal.

Anonymous said...

i'm not completely satisfied.on one side you are saying that lays masala or any other product manufactured in Pakistan is from halal sources while in the end you are saying that all products having Efats should be avoided. so please clearly assure us about this conflict because it is the matter of ourwhole life THANKYOU!

Anonymous said...


Sarang said...

If you have doubt then you can send an email to Pepsi Pakistan customer service to confirm whether these letters are from them or not.

Yacir M Turk said...

i ve got new ceritificates from pepsi co ... i will share my findings with you when i come up to some conclusion ...
meanwhile you can communicate thru

mujeebah said...

YP Sarang iz right if u r doubtful dn dnt go 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i WZ A BIG FAN OV LAYZ BT NOW NO MORE

Game said...

Dear brothers and sisters,
One thing i want to give into your kind notice that email address i provide to you all is not attached with any single employee of company but it is belongs with customer service center of Lays Company.
So any kind of comments and any kind of knowledge you want to get more regarding lays and its ingredients please write directly on this email address
And i hope that lays will help you defiantly

But if you not trusting anyone even on company statements and certificates then i never write any comment for you peoples. Because these companies or much much strict in their quality policies this we all knows better as compared by our locals business mans which only suck the blood of innocent peoples of Pakistan by providing poor quality products on heavy prices but never try to beat these companies by producing good quality products and then they try to creates these kinds of fake things into our Muslims minds using our religious emotions.

You all well aware that same kind of fake stuff are created for Coca-Cola ,Nestle, Tang and many other multinationals companies but single one never proved yet.

So please clear your minds by thinking cool
Could anyone among you try to contact with originator of this fake propaganda (Dr Amjad) never i think you people only want to create more hype for lays consumers in lieu of nothing.

Kindly first you search for Dr Amjad and get some solid proof that E631 (Flavor enhancer) used by lays Pakistan in its Masala Flavor is derivates from Pig fat

But i challenge you all that you never can succeeds to get in touch with Dr Amjad which is a fake character of lays local competitors.

My dear brother and sisters hopefully you all think from your minds not from your hearts and it is better for us to think from our minds

So please search for Dr Amjad and find some solid proof please

It is easy to point out some one without any proof but it is not easy to present truth

Dears please for god sake don’t create misunderstands and hypes in innocent Muslims minds by only beating drum of this fake propagandas against multinational companies which provide us good quality stuff on an affordable prices and playing a vital role to make Pakistan better. Many of you also search career in these multinational companies instead to join local why? I think you can answer better and many of you presently serving these companies and well aware of their policies regarding quality and productions.

Please offer prayers and recite holy Quran daily (it is my request to all Muslim brothers and sisters and save our EMAN)

May Allaha shows us right path

Remember me into your prayers

You’re Brother
Umar Shafique

Anonymous said...

nothing like e631 from pig meat in lays.

Anonymous said...

Dear All:

Irrespective of Dr. Amjad, whether he is Fake or Genuine character; we must consider this fact that Nobody from us has provided evidence that E361, which is using is Lays, is extracted from Haram sources. Whereas, PepsiCo, the manufacturers of this product has cleared his position by providing evidences.

Although I am not a very big fan of Lays rather not a fan of Lays but I am purely thinking on logic. Therefore, I think there is no harm on Eman by using Lays.



Anonymous said...


How are you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

As you ppl have mentioned these three sources,just let us know that which one of the source has been now used for the production of the products??The first,the second or the third one??
1.It can be obtained from sardines (fish).
2.It can be made from brewer yeast extract which is a by-product of beer making process.
3.It can be extracted from pig meat.

Since its a serious matter we should take some precautions as such products are globaly well-liked and eaten by many ppl around the world.
So,I am looking forward to a satisfactory answer for this issue.


Anonymous said...

Aslam Alicm!

I have concluded that we on this blogspot cann't solve this problem because we are supposed to be the third party of the case.

Only Getting Fatwa will be again controversial between several school of thoughts, some may not accept one's Fatwa due to difference in AQAID (believes).

The only solution I thought is

The affected company ( Lays ) should advertise their proofs by authentic and popular people ( different muslim scholars) on all medias after getting the Judicial Proofs.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
Besides these certificates we havent heard anything from company because they were busy in obtaining local HALAL certification ... now the company has Fatwa of Ulma Karam Locally and they have Halal certifications frm Thailand already. So just wait for a day or two every thing will be cleared that there is "NO HARAM" ingredients in it.

Anonymous said...

To All,
Just got the news Lay's has got certificate from Jamia Ashrafia being HALAL and also from PCSIR that E631 being used in Lay's is from Cassava Plant. And its also certified by Central Islamic Comittee of Thailand. So, its clear now.

F. said...

Hey, thanks for this post, and thanks for having sense. People need to think before they act.

adi said...

my dear friends,
please stop using the products which contain the following ingredients
E100, E110, E120, E 140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E252,E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430, E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475,E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542,E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.
if u are willing to save yourself from haram things then protect urself and by the way the world is not so limited. if u will do it just for the sake of Allah ,i assure you all thatHe will pay you back with the best reward.
compare lays with Allah's reward and take the decision.
Allah bless you all.

adil khan.

Anonymous said...

but from where u got tht certificate news...the company shuld publish these certificates frm jamia ashrfia n also ve2 got Allama's fatwa in pakistan other wise Mr usman ghani was rite..v shuldn't confuse our self 4 a pkt of chips....untill it'll clear n satisfy enough

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Adil:

The E codes you are mentioning DOES NOT NECESSARY contain PIG FAT. They MAY contain or MAY NOT contain.

For instance, if FAT is written on a label. What would you say about it? Can you say with surity that every FAT is a PIG FAT?

Fats can be extracted from other sources like Halal animals, Fish, Plants etc. So we have to first confirm the source of the 'FAT' before giving our fitwa that it is 'Halal' or 'Haram'.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever confirmed the butcher whether he is slughtering the animal according to 'Zabeeha'... Nahee na!
We TRUST him that the meat he is supplying is halal.

It is all matter of TRUST.

I agree with you that if the source is unknown, we should try to avoid those products BUT....
if evidences have been provided then we should have to TRUST them.

best regards,


Anonymous said...

I just want to say Onething.... If you listen something then just try to make it's verification if you are doubtfull....and if you failed to get the verification and u are still doubtfull about that thin then to leave that thing is better than to suffer doubtedly...

Salman Mukhtar

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Mr. Salman Mukhtar. If there is any doubt and of course after those all issues raised for LAYS E631 involvement LAYS has been categorized as DOUBTFUL. So its better not eating instead of raising many questions and queries but the status of E631. We will INSHALLAH not die if not taken Lays.

Anonymous said...

yar lays is not the end of world
so good bye mr.chips

Omer said...

E-Codes may or may not contain Animal fats they can be extracted from Plants as well. Regarding E631 in Lay's it is extracted from Cassava Plant and plant so no question of Halal n Haram. And for those who are waiting for company's response all will c it in tomorrow's news papers i.e. on 14th May.
So wait till the morning. Till then take care n gud nite.


Anonymous said...

hi h r y everyone well we are educated and we can hear see whats happening in the world adn what was the propaganda of european countries for the muslims countries so the saima arshad what was she tryin to say all FAKE ant the the two email also FAKED the pepsi all are HARAM well they clerified themselves but dont listen to them because they are only protecting their JOBS NOT PROTECTING MUSLIMS from HARAM i am goin to leave these shit as soon as possible and plz plz plz also told to ur friends family even everyone to aviod these pepsi products means european products ALLAH hamay mauf farmay Ameen

Omer said...

U mean to say Saima Arshad is trying to save her job by telling lie...Wat ul say about Ulma Karam of Jamia Ashrafia r they doing the same "Saving their so called job" when they have given a Fatwa on Lay's being Halal...wat u say about them...So grow up...if u r againt non muslim products then the car/ bike ul b driving is not frm a muslim origin...many products in ur home/ office will be imported from several countries..for instance ur microwave oven might be imported, the TV u luv to watch in the even will be of non muslim y only those products which u can leave easily should be banned...y not all the products should b banned...think positively.
No hard feelings.

Omer said...

Do have a look on the following newspapers.
- Daily Jung,
- Din
- Pakistan
- Jinnah
- The News

Anonymous said...

MFK here
@Yacir M Turk
Well mister no one is mixing cynaide in the lays :)
but jokes apart for ur information what v r discussing here is a confusion based on doubts!
if u have doubts then better keep it to yourself until you have a solid proof bcoz blaming without a proof is prohibited in Islam. guys here are showing you halal certificates what else should they do to convince anyone???

Anonymous said...


If there is issue in E631, then why don't you simply change the ingridents of your product to simply avoid this issue

Omer said...

Changing the ingredient is not that has a brand which is know bcoz of its taste and quality...changing the ingredient will eventually change the taste of the product...also when the issue is resolved by Local Ulma Karam there is nothing left as doubted...(Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)PCSIR has also confirmed that there is not Animal Fat in Lay's.

Game said...

My Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,
TODAY Lays Company advertised its HALAL campaign in following news papers so now this issue been closed
You can also check this only by viewing these news papers

1. The News
2. Daily Pakistan
3. Jang
4. Qaumi Akhbar
5. Jinnah
6. Daily Din
7. Mashriq Pwr


Lays is 100 % HALAL FOOD so keep enjoying lays
and this fake agenda of lays competitors is failed as they are unable to provide any proof till today
but Lays proved this by getting Fatwa from Jamia Ashrafia of Pakistan that Lays is 100 % Halal supported with PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research)
There is no animal fat included in Lays



Umar Shafique

Syed Azwar said...

This is all fack and pepsi is lying to us they mother fuckers want to include pig fat in our daily life. why they are using the codes Han when they are not made of pig fat. Its damn sure these all codes start form "E" are made of pig fats. Question is if they are not using pig fats why they use codes why not real name like fat of fish, fat of cow...

Dear bros and sisters avoid each and every product that contains codes starts with "E". Fuck these mother fuckers and don't use pepsi products at all

hellllll said...

Dear All,

I have read above the comments. I wish it is true but i still have some concerns. as i was searching on this issue, through net and books, The code E631 and E171 represent pig white fat. As u said above it can be contain through fish or other methods then the company should print it on their products. but the only issue codes. which many on our muslims brother and sister don't know the meaning. If u look in Europeans countries, u will not find even one product of Nestle and Lays. why is that!!!
why we are only selling that even though we (Muslim) don't own these companies.
so i will suggest to lays to come with complete brief description and let our people know the truth.
Now a days you can find any detail on net and books (in Public library) on any thing. So bring the truth

hellllll said...

Where the hell is our media on this issue. They even know how a dog die on street. i mean who hit the dog, bus or car. so why they are not responding to this issue. its simply clear the message. They don't want people to know the truth

Omer said...

@Syed Azwar
Little knowledge is worse than having no knowledge. First of all u r wrong that every E-code ingredient contains Pig Fats. They can can not contain. If E-code is having pig fat just see the ingredients of Kolson Slanty they are even using E-Code ingredients. Y dont u c HALAL label on the back side of the pack. What else u want to open ur eyes. All of us have just hear the news and we started believing in the news. And as far as media is concerned company is using Print Media right now if u happen a chance to see the news paper of 14th May. This is a height of our ignorance that we can believe on heard news what ill call as rumor but cant believe on our Ulam Karam. If any one still have any doubt he/she can directly approach Jamia Ashrafia and ask about the matter. So, investigate properly before making a decision.

Anonymous said...

can i tell me on whch page is d news abt lays in jang news ppr......???

Anonymous said...


Omer said...

Jang News Paper 14th May...On the main page there is a Half Page Ad.

hellllll said...

listen omer. i don't know why you don't want to open ur minds. Opening eyes will only see what they see. you guys need to look behind the curtuns. i don’t know about the all e-codes but i do know is that what lays is using is not Halal. i hope u know this , pakistan lays import their stuff from others countries to make their product. so as a muslim country, they can't import pig. PIG FAT comes in a form of powder. any science student here can tell this truth. i don't agree with you thinking that little knowledge is worse than having no knowledge. It can be only true if its related to Islam or any religion. but in this case, a little drop is enough to wake any body. I have done my complete research on lays and i am dam sure, they r using this shit.
i m not here to fight. I as just a muslim want to say that all of our life many on our muslims brothers and sisters were trying to keep them self away from sin by not drinking alcohol, having sex before marriage, by not lying . but we were doing a big sin by just eating fucking pig. which is a big sin.
I don't know about you or others what they think of this. why u people are just believing what you see. You people spend hours and hours on net by doing nothing. so i will suggest that go and search and read books. every city have a public library and you will find books on codes for food, electronics and a lot.

Omer said...

Can you provide me with your results of could u b sure that Lay's ingredients are Haram...if u have any proof do post it here so that u have grounds for wat u have said...I agree Lay's produced in pakistan is importing ingredients i.e. from International Flavors and Frangrances IFF) of Thailand...and the Islamic Comittee over there has already declared it HALAL... E-631 not necessarily come from pig it has other origins as well as discussed no point of fighting...Being muslim i am also pretty much concious regarding HALAL ad if u have a solid proof that it has Haram substances do post it ...regarding HALAL proof has already been shared in the blog.


hellllll said...

i think u haven't read it completely. the proof is on more then 200 pages. E631 can not be made with other method.
u know do one thing for urself. search for E631 and E171. The first thing u will find is scientist words . if u break those words into normall english , u will find ur finding. Go into any public libray and ask the librarian to provide u some books on Codes and then read the complete book. you will find your finding.

let me tell u a small point for why the use pig fat. the callories they use to create those taste can only come from meat and fish is not a meat. If u talk about cow and goat. they need 30KG to create 1 kg of callories. and with pig meat they can create 3.5 kg of callories from 1 Kg of pig meat.
this is only 1 point and there are many others. If you like reading then i suggest you to go and read. or go and meat any science professor and ask him to help you to find about E631. That what i did and i found it right. And now i really don't believe in my media and people words. I do my own research. spends many days on 1 thing to find its truth. I will go to library soon and will provide you the books names so u and others people can go and read

sabeeka said...

Indeed a very good and interesting debate is going on here. Forwarded mails I tell you haan...Problems of Muslims- well we never bother to look up the answers OURSELVES...Result: Paralysis...we bound ourselves to trust and believe whatever comes our way..." phew!, qismat ka likha tha je"...

Do you people need any proof for what many would term utter philosophy I commented above? It is very obvious. Mr. Sarang has added so many proofs to prove. Official documents stating the fact, certificates from Pepsi Pakistan and later all the hardwork to spread out the FACT by responsible bloggers like Umer and Sarang etc.vs. a few lines from here and there adding ( I repeat adding not stating) a research done by some Dr Amjad Khan (Medical Research Institute, United States). I see no profile of his which would have given any authenticity to the source. Plus the reference ( Medical Research Institute) is not enough. But again easy job to rely…eh?!...Goebbels would have been very happy had he been posted to Pakistan!

My point here is not to give any further links or to make people believe. I see that job very well done by the previous bloggers. The sources cited here speak for themselves. They are open and accessible for anybody to investigate. Had the company had any skeletons in their cupboard they would have gone to any extent so as to hide. I find them open instead to all and sundry.

In reply to Helllllll’s posts I would like to add: You are getting off the track buddy. I mean you are just ‘coding’ and ‘encoding ‘…too much stuck with it all. Why don’t you try to do go deep in the issue and try to reason out the logics presented above?

Some of the queries which might arise in dear readers’ minds can be:

What is the ingredient E631 for?
It is a flavor enhancer called E631 use in the masala flavor that is imported from Thailand. E631 is produced from tapioca starch which is extracted from a plant. Thus it is free of all animal fat. E631 is certified by the supplier, as well as the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, to be Halal (and the latter has also specifically endorsed the use of the legend “Halal” for such flavor)

Thailand is not a Muslim country. How can they certify Halal food?
It is not Thailand or its government that certifies Halal food. It is the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand that certifies food items being produced in Thailand as Halal.

Moreover, Pepsi-Cola International Pakistan (Private) Limited is a subsidiary of PepsiCo, US. PepsiCo operates in over 80 markets across the world, including Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and UAE. PepsiCo values and respects the beliefs of all communities that it operates in. How could it then go astray in betraying the values and sentiments of a huge market like ours??? I question.

Best Regards,

Sabeen Arshad

Omer said...

Very well said...All of the proofs have been posted already if someone need any further proofs which company have i provide wid all... Also regarding other muslim states like Saudi Arabia, Iran n Egypt the population of muslims are more than here in Pakistan even if u consider India the muslim population is over 42 crores and Lay's is a very established brand over there...We r just stuck in rumors...PCSIR has issued a certificate that no Animal Fat is there in Lay's it contains only Vegetable Fats... Better to investigate rather than believing on rumors.

hellllll said...

Daer sabeen,

I can totally agree with your 1st paragraph. as i said i don't believe in today media and people words.
lets not fight between us.
The formulla E631 is created by HTo2 and Hio2. which is actually pig fat.
Do you know, In thailand they don't sell nestle and lays. I mean what is the point, importing stuff from thailand which does not allow to sell these products. In most of the countries ( non muslims) and some muslims countries does not allow any product which contains animal fat. any kind of. not even a .1% . we pakistani don't own these companies. they are not our creation. created by a non-muslim group and they don't allow it in their own country. what is their point for selling this in muslims countries.

i am not saying the above letters are fake or wrong. i m just saying that it is possible that even they the pepsi workers or management don't know about. As the most off the stuff comes in powder.

I have to do coding and en-coding to make myself satisfy on what i am eating. and to reach to the bottom line.

your last question. they pepsi opeartes in 80 markets. My question to you is , how many non-muslims countries. they don't sell their products in their own countries. if you have some friends in foreign countries , ask them to check on this. I did check and i found it right.

Best regards
Hellllll OUT

hellllll said...

dear omer.

Above u said. they contain only veg fat. veg fat can not change the color of the product and does not help to change the taste.
if you put 1 kg of veg in 1 kg of meat. will not chnage the taste of meat. ( if ur cooking pure meat) and if ur cooking pure 1 kg of veg and put only 4 pieces of meat , will change the taste of veg. Ask mother, as they do lot of experement at home. My mom Do.. So thats a home example. TRY IT BRO!!!!!

Omer said...

For all who says E631 cant be obtained else than Pig Fat this is for those eye.

And @hellll who said that they dont sell in their own countries...List of Non muslim countires u can find urself but for ur reference in UK they sell with the name Walkers, in South Africa they sell it with the name Smiths etc.

hellllll said...

thanks for the links omer. will help me to learn more. and Smith is not nestle ans lays... even in UK they don't exist, as i live here.

Omer said...

Smith is another name given to Lay's which is found in South UK u'll find "Walkers" which is PepsiCo's product and u can say another name given to Lay's.

hellllll said...

why they will give another name to the same product. In the market field , u r only allowed to choose one name and one mono. Its a internation rule. So i totally dis-agreed with your information/knowedge.

Omer said...

Companies do give another name to the brand and there r many reasons for that ...for instance coke in india is wid the name Thumbs Up...Pepsi with the name Pepsi Leher and there r many other examples...To check this just see for the manufacturer/ producer label on the back side of Walkers pack.

hellllll said...

omer i do respect ur research. But u can't compare a diamond with a stone. U can't compare third word countries with them.

Anonymous said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum Dear Muslims ! In My openion as a good Muslim we must be careful and try to avoid using anything in our life which is doubtful according to our Quaranic believes as we the Muslims beleive that we have been sent to this world for a limited time and ultimately we have to face Allah almighty and have to spend unlimited devine life either in JANNAT or JAHANNUM (our own choice).We are here for a test. SO BE CAREFUL IN THIS LIFE FROM BETRAY OF NON-BELIEVERS !

Anonymous said...

hey what if we dont eat lays because its not at all confrm dat lays chips are halaal or haraam and we can live without lays who knows after some years someone says that yes that haraam thing was used in lays. its better not to use it.

Omer said...

Wats the point of discussing Developed and third world countries here...the product is of the same company marketed in different countries...didnt got u wat u wanna say.

Anonymous said...

it is in doubt so muslims should avoid it

Anonymous said...

ATTN: BLOG OWNER - Please change this Blog's title"No Pig Fat In E631"Reason: You can NOT generalize E631! Not (all) E631 are safe from Pig's Fat

Possible alternate:
"No Pig Fat In Lays' E631 Sold in Pakistan"I think thats what you have tried to say through your arguments!

Anonymous said...


As far as i have heard about that ingredient issue i m getting different opinions from each & every person who is commenting. Look all of us knows that making a fake certificate now a days is as easy as any one can do it. So according to my little knowledge about the orders in Islam about these things that we should avoid to use those things which are so confusing & the ingredient issue about LAYS MASALA is one of it. We will not die if we will stop to eat this product.

DO CONSIDER PLZ...............!

Anonymous said...

Lays Chips = Pig Fat = Haram

See Below Link (Urdu)



Anonymous said...

Why cant lays just take our this ingredient out huh.. why such a big fuss to prove themself right.. while they are wrong....

Anonymous said...

I can surely say that many of us commenting here would do un-islamic things which are much more against our religion than having LAYS. So its better to first start changing ourselves and stop doing other greater sins.

Company has officially certified that LAYS are halal. If its not true than we don have to be worried. Also, we never know at any restaurant in our country we are eating halal or haram, we don know if the animal is slaughtered in an Islamic way or not.

So we should do whats in our control and try to avoid un-Islamic acts.


Anonymous said...

U might be right Umair, but a lot of people in Pakistan still live according to islamic traditions and try to follow the religion. So what wrong have they done? If your country is so called Islamic you should be able to rest your self assured what your eating is Halal. I live in Canada and God knows how much trouble we have to undergo just to confierm what we are eating is halal. Why do we have to do the same thing in pakistan?


M. BILAL said...


M.BILAL said...

i am copy pasteing the answer from a webdictionary Is E631 Halal?

E631, disodium inosinate, like many food additives, is typically made using fats processed from pigs, so it is haraam (not halal).
Halal if it is obtained from sardines. Mushbooh if it is made from brewer yeast extract, a by-product of beer making. Haram if it is extracted from pig meat.

Official U.S. Policy
Long term partnership for hope and progress in South and Central Asia

Halal Restaurants Toronto
Halal restaurants in Toronto & GTA. Recommendations & special offers.

Halal Gelatin Suppliers
Find & Contact Low-Cost Suppliers See why so many businesses trust us

First answer by ID2000650503. Last edit by Asadyousufi. Contributor trust: 1 [recommend contributor]. Question popularity: 2 [recommend question]

Anonymous said...

Suppose if it is Halal ( according to letter) but it is harmful to use this in food.

may be prepared from meat or sardines; may trigger gout, not permitted in foods for infants and young children

Animal origin: Yes

May trigger gout, not permitted in foods for infants and young children"


mehwish said...

i can recall a hadis for this controversy i remember hadis meaning not exact word yet but i want to share n its from sahi bukhari.AP SALLAH O ALAIHA WALLEH I WASSALAM said:"the things in which you r doubtfull avoide it or leave it and things that you sure adopt it"ALLAH know who is lier?but we better not to eat lays lays n pepsi are not our oxygen with out that we gonna die.ALLAH NA PIG KYO HARAM kyo KYA ap search karan isa then you got answer really ALLAH loves us more than 70 times a mother loves her we answer ALLAH's love like that?think it.

Yacir M Turk said...

i myself has been in cordination with pepsico and IFF and both are failed to provide me any proof that this thing which pepsico claims to get from IFF is actually manufactured by IFF.

secondly, JAMIA ASHRAFIA didnt issued any certificate and PEPSICO is lying

Anonymous said...

e631 inhanser flavour code. i know this is totaly HALAL. Lays is no #1 Product in snacks catogary. Go and eat lays and enjoy it.

Syed Qadeer Abbas

Yacir M Turk said...

Fraud of PEPSICO and IFF revealed. E631 and Lays is Haram and contains Pig fats.

complete details on E Code, Lays, PEPSICO and IFF in URDU Language...if some one can reproduce the english version i will appreciate

Omer said...

Did u have any proven information with u that its Haram. If not then dont do this to others. U r believing in a news of a newspaper bcoz u want to believe it. And for ur very kind info Ummat newspaper will also write something in favor of lay's. if u r believing in this news then u have to believe in that news as well. No hard feelings.


Yacir M Turk said...

Yes Mr. Omer PEPSI CO and IFF are unable to satisfy my queries and unable to proof their claim

so as the purpose of E Codes is to include HARAM ingredients in products therefore i consider it as HARAM

SouthAsia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sabeeka said...

@Yacir: If so mant prrofs cannot open your eyes am sorry nothign can. If you wish to remain stubborn nothign can change you logic, no theory. So why waste time on you?!.

Here are more proofs for SENSIBLE people to see and understand for themselves.
The South African National Halaal Authority ( SANHA) which is committed to standardizing Halaal procedures internationally thereby rendering a credible service to both the consumer and the industry has investigated the ingredients used by Lays Pakistan. It has confirmed that the ingredients are Halaal compliant. The authority has explained that the E631 used by Lays Pakistan is derived from Tapioca starch, a plant based raw material which has been certified Halaal.
The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand has verified that Lay’s chips are free of all animal fat. The ingredient E 631 is used as a flavour enhancer and is derived from Tapioca starch and not from pig fat, the committee passed its verdict.
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR)
has verified that Lay’s is free of all animal meat fat and contains only vegetable fat. The council verifies in its report that the fat extracted from the provided sample contains vegetable fat. No animal fat is used in the product and hence there are no chances of pig fat neither in the ingredient E 631 or any other.
Jamia Ashrafia which serves as an authentic source to matters pertaining to Islam, its procedures and results. The Jamia is of the view that if the manufacturers and the concerned authorities have verified that the E-code ingredients included in the product have been extracted from plants and no such animal fat is used, the consumption of the Lay’s product is right and in accordance to Islam.
The proofs presented above are indeed an eye opener. They not only clear the confusion but also remove doubts from the mind of a layman. These proofs however, raise valid questions for all those who advocate the presence of haraam ingredients in Lay’s chips.
How authentic is the report by some Muslim doctor in the West? Is not the authenticity of the report questionable?
How can a single person's report on this haram ingredient debate become voice of millions and millions of Muslims all over the world?
Does one report by some anonymous individual have more weightage than several proof certificates of registration and verification by Lay’s?
Is the stated research and the arguments presented in favour of presence of pig fat based on truth or is it mere propaganda?
How true is this halaal haraam debate? Is the debater aware of the encoding process and the nature of ingredients? And if yes, can he/she actually prove and counter-attack the several reports presented to prove the Halal authenticity of the ingredient?


Sabeen Arshad

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters

As u know that Lay’s is internationally famous in the world including Saudi Arabia. In Muslim countries it is not possible to sell such products which contain ingredients against norms of Islam. Just think about that, we are eating Lay’s from last three years but this issue is made by certain persons only at that time when the lay’s has become the No.1 Chips of Pakistan. If there is something in the chips which is not halal then this point should have been highlighted three years before. There is nothing like any ingredient that is not halal in Lay’s as there are certain rumours about E631. Plz try to think about that.

Omer said...

Very well said...and Yacir for your information SANHA didnot testify that Lay's is HALAL it actually CERTIFIED Lay's being Halal...If u still want to believe on rumors go on it ur life...But atleast think logically...For u all the E codes are Haram go and have some research before quoting something...Peac.

Cinderella said...

why the pepsi cola international is not mentioning the source of E631 used in lays? it will be so simple if they mention it atleast there will be no doubt about it. it has become too much difficult for muslims of pakistan to trust any product cos different codes used for fats are used on so many things like juices, jellys, and too many snacks + choclates..... so please pepsi cola international tell us about the source of these fats present in products like lays, kurkury etc.

Anonymous said...

can u give us the detail, that from where u are getting this flavor enhancer & the certificate from that company about the sources of that flavor enhancer

Omer said...

If u happen u see the above certificates or the previously posted posts u'll get the answer of your question. Lemme restate it here. E631 used in Lays is extracted from Tapioca Startch..n plant extracts r HALAL for us...I guess that will lead u to a conclusion. The suppliers of Raw Materials has also given Pepsi the HALAL certificates of the Local Islamic Bodies.

Yacir M Turk said...

PEPSICO and IFF are fraud

IFF has been involved in such cases in past

IFF fined €12m in popcorn flavour case

How you can trust IFF or PEPSICO

Omer said...

If u want urself to be a stereotype then its ur pleasure...First research properly and then implement dats what Islam Sys.

Game said...

The South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) is an internationally recognized organization, and an acknowledge authority on all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halaal with specific reference to Islamic dietary laws.
SANHA has been established as a representative authority, which promotes professionalism and excelled in developing systems for the certification of Halaal food and other related products. SANHA is committed to standardizing Halaal procedures internationally thereby rendering a tangible and credible service to both the consumer and the industry. Indeed, this strategy does not only prove beneficial for the Muslim consumer but it is also a means of promoting trade.
SANHA is among the founding members represented on the World Halaal Council and enjoys global recognition from both Muslim and Western Countries.
SANHA has over the past several years rendered assistance to the Halaal industry in Pakistan and has issued Halaal certification of several Pakistani companies: some of whom are listed below:
• Dawn Bakeries
• Youngs Foods (Pvt) Ltd
• Shangrila (Pvt) Ltd
• Candyland
• Bisconni
• Snack City
• Leiner Pak
• Haleeb Foods Ltd
• Freshmate Ready Meal
Halaal certification authorities, food technologists and industry professionals who are au fait with E-additives and food ingredients will bear testimony to the fallacies and baseless claims of the said email.
Recently, Lays Pakistan has regrettably been bearing the brunt of various emails and consumers have been mislead into believing that E-631 used by LAYS, Pakistan, is a derivative of animal fat.
SANHA, an International Halaal certification authority has investigated the ingredients used by LAYS Pakistan and can confirm that their ingredients are Halaal complaint. Infact the E-631 used by LAYS Pakistan is derived from TAPIOCA STARCH, a plant based raw material which has been certified Halaal.
Consumers are advised to be wary of such malicious emails and urged not to circulate any such mail until the information has been verified and confirmed by a reputable expert authority.
For all Halaal related queries, you may contact the Halaal Helpline on
Remember the Islamic Rule, “Verify Before You Amplify”!
For South African National Halaal Authority
M.S. Navlakhi (Moulana) M.Y. Seedat (Mufti)
Theological Director Theological Representative

Game said...

Lays is 100 % HALAL FOOD so keep enjoying lays
and this fake agenda of lays competitors is failed as they are unable to provide any proof till today
but Lays proved this by getting Fatwa from Jamia Ashrafia of Pakistan that Lays is 100 % Halal supported with PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research)
There is no animal fat included in Lays



Dear Kindly visit this site

Anonymous said...

Mr. Omer is a paid employee of Pepsi/Lays. So don't believe his statements.

Game said...

Dear Brothers and sister,
Here on this forum my some brother and sisters are also posting web address for DAILY UMAT NEWS PAPER KARACHI regarding some Anti lays stories
So my dear brothers and sisters I want to show you brutal face of this blackmailer UMAT NEWS PAPERS
One side they are publication ANTI LAYS stories and blackmail to lays company and on the other side they are publication lays advertisement that LAYS is 100 % HALAL please visit this given below address to see from your own eyes
Now you all well aware that this is only a fake propaganda form LAYS competitors
So my dear brothels and sisters please cut the hands of these balk mailers who are playing with our EMANS only for money
Soon you will see with proofs that lays is 100 % Halal
May ALLAHA show us right path
You’re Brother
Muhammad Umar Shafique

Anonymous said...

i have made great research on Daily Umaat and also Syed Ahmad Abbasi he is a big balck mailer and asking a big money from Lays company for stopping this false propaganda

May Allaha Show us right path and save us for these kinds of money makers those have no care about we Muslims and shaking our EMAN to saying HARAM to HALAL Food

Anonymous said...

Mr Yasir is paid employee of Super crisps competitor of Lays and losing three sales in Pakistan due to poor quality so they have create this fake propaganda in Pakistan
Lays is Halal 100% and having good repute in Muslims Countries

Dear Brothers and sisters so please don’t believe YASIR any false comments

So enjoy your LAYS
It is 100% HALAL and TOP brand in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

Jamia Ashrafia has denied that Lays has never asked any Fatwa regarding their potato chips or whatsoever. Only a person in his personal position asked anonymously a question without mentioning fact and they (Jamia) said that if any haraam object not used in potato chips then no problem to use. Lays' people use this fatwa for Lays' wrong doings. In this connection, Jamia Ashrafia declared their ignorance about Fatwa concerning to Lays Product. So don't make fool.

Also brothers and sister, these haraam doers will not come to advocate when Allah will ask why you use haraam or even doubtful things. They can't save from the grip of Allah. And you will not save yourself on the day of judgement by only saying I didn't know or I have no information. If Allah ask you, when it was a matter of your career, or spending better life, or purchasing your cloth, car, even shoes, you search and research many times and never failed. But when the matter of Halaal or Haraam you just leave it on another persons view? Remember even not any moulvi will come to save our skin from Allah's grip.

Anonymous said...

n its 16 may newspaper..
on front page they have displayed half paper advertisement showing Lays is halal

and in inner pages displaying the full story about Lays is Haram....
wah ray wah

Now what to believe or what to not....
i like Ummat news paper, but i think instead of spreading so much confusion they should take one stance and then should stand beside that.

Anonymous said...

Refer to Halaal certificate from Thailand, could you please read it??? Has anything mentioned about E631 halaal?? Only mentioned word "Flavour". What a funny?

Omer said...

Fatwa of Jamia Ashrafia is already there in news papers so there is no point that they haven't gave any fatwas. Regarding the competitors did their best to cash this opportunity but they fail to do so they had even printed different brochures etc to convince the shop keepers but all in vain. Wat u say about this Mr. Yacir. Another thing is E codes are used in Kolson's Slanty as well but who have made propagande against them no one its all about the fame and the growth Lay's is having. Smoked Super Crisp in just 2.5 yrs which is operating in Pakistan from almost past 25 years. So, wat else a competitor can do to ruin the image of a growing Brand. Think Wisely.


Game said...

My dear brother and sister,
I have an important information regarding 100% HALAL authentication of LAYS Chips
Please visit given below link which stated that

E631 : Sodium inosinate

Regarding the issue of E631 in Lays products in Pakistan we would like to refer to the Lays Pakistan Statement and the certification of Halal of Lays products. The inosinate is made from tapioca starch and no animal products are involved in the production.

Link is

So my dear brothers and sisters LAYS in Pakistan is 100% HALAL and approved by international Food info

Muhammad Umar Shafique

Anonymous said...

Stop asking for proofs if you don't want to trust. Some people are looking me lost, where is flavour code, who is halal authority etc.
What would happen if someone say Nestle is adding cow urine to enhance shelf life. and some starts saying there is doubt so don't use this product. and ask Nestle to prove.
Why don't we contact Dr. Amjad and ask him to prove his statement.

Omer said...

Dear All,
Pepsi Lay's is running a public service message and guess who is the spokes person in that its none other than the one who has changed himself from a singer to a practicing Muslim obviously no intro is required i.e. Junaid Jamshed and he will not do something just for fame or money so ppl we can blame our muftis, ulmas etc for their statements wat u will say about his appearance and in Ad he is eating non other flavor than Masala which is in fact controversial.So open ur eyes and stop this negative propaganda...its very clear now.


mzapakistani said...

i am being researching for long time on this issue points came to my mind
1-IFF office is in Karachi on Shahrah-e-Faisal (021-5661901,021566903, 0215688377(fax),
they have denied that IFF is producing e631 (disodium 5' inosinate, the umami flavor enhancer)...ammmmm how they are supplying it to pepsico
2-on 14th may 09 pepsico advertised that jamia ashrafia has approved all lay's flavors as but Mufti Hameed Ullah Jaan denied on behalf of Jamia..3-then they jumped from ashrafia to jamia al uloom benuri town and said that on 14th may it was a mistake.....
3-the status of IFF in thailand is Mashkook (working under a non-muslim govt with non-muslim employees without any Muslim Aalim) and Muslemeen of 3 provinces of thailand have already rejected its how can we adopt those
4-see once again the certificate of IFF shown by pepsico brand/product type=flavor here e631 is not mentioned...why..because it is can clearly see that spots right behind the word Flavor are not matching the spots presnt on whole page they were made after erasing something behind the word FLAVOR also alignment of word FLAVOR is not justified according to other all are centre aligned but this word moved to right.....think
5-most important pepsico and lay's themselve moved their certificate of halal status from TCICT to SANHA (the central islamic committee of thailand .....SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL HALAL ASSOCIATION)now why they did that coz most of Muslemeen know that S. Africa is a place where a huge number of Ahmedis have migrated from all over the world and it was easy to get this from there(Allah knows the best)
and becoz TCICT itself said that they havent issued any certificate to any company named LAY'S or PEPSICO Pakistan they have issued certificates to Fritolay USA, CANADA, and Pepsi International USA.
remember e631 is not koshar and about pig Muslim and Jews have same opinion and hindus are mostly vegeterian ....then why they are making noise on the same issue....think and investigate yourself
6-visit check here if masala, tango ketchup or magic pc is mentioned in HALAL or not ....obviously not why lays international had mentioned over 6000 halal brands and forgotten to mention ony three....????great question mark because they are also not mentioned in koshar or koshar parve list......

here are phone numbers of TCICT dial and verify by yourself
i did that

as pepsico jumped twice and lied about source so its now meaning less whose certificate they present

another thing adress of IFF is mentioned which is only a supplier and not manufacturer but factory name is not mentioned
also visit

Muhammad Zaheer Anwar

Omer said...

@Mr. Researcher
Many people have misconception that IFF is providing E631 to Pepsico. IFF is making E635 if um not wrong which uses E631 in its formation. The E631 is supplied to IFF and the supplier name is Ajinomoto which also has a Halal certificate. Regarding SANHA u said that Ahmemdis r there so its easy to get certificate...wat u'll say about Junaid Jamshed he is a practicing muslim he cant tell a lie...Pepsico doesnt belong to him neither he belongs to Pepsico there is something thats y he commented.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Omer. Ahmedis in SANHA..Now that is ridiculuos!...I mean cmon give us a break....I wonder how can people come up with all weird points just to hold on to their, in this case, weak supports.

As regards IFF, Lay's chips purchases E635 from its flavour house IFF. IFF gets E635 from AJINOMOTO, a Thailand based company. This E635 is made up of E631 and E627 which are both derivatives of vegetable oil and not animal meat fat.

Hope that clears.

Anonymous said...

@Mr. Researcher
Provided here is a link of South Asian National Halal Authority- SANHA. The site gives details about the organization and its objectives. Your comment that SANHA has Ahmedis ‘in it’ led me to clear your and other readers’ doubts regarding this lest they take it serious.

The link provides access to SANHA aims and objectives, its history and future prospects as well as its member committees, organizations and affiliations. By going through their website, I do not doubt the details provided. In fact these details further strengthen the faith on the authority and also make us careful in passing self verdicts.

Hope all the respected readers of this blog visit the site and see for themselves. For all of those who need a revision about the connection of Lay’s and SANHA, here is a brief intro.

SANHA is recognized by Dar-ul-Uloom Binori Town, Karachi. SANHA ‘s director, Moulana Saeed Navlakhi studied in Jamia Binori Town Karachi. SANHA has over the past several years rendered assistance to the halal industry in Pakistan and has issued halal certification to several Pakistani companies. The authority is committed to standardizing halal procedures internationally thereby rendering a credible service to both the consumer and the industry.
SANHA has conducted an in-loco inspection of the Lays plant in Lahore and investigated the ingredients used by Lay’s Pakistan. It has confirmed that the ingredients are halal compliant. The authority has confirmed that the E631 used by Lay's Pakistan is derived from Tapioca starch, a plant based raw material which has been certified halal.

How can Ahmedis be part of SANHA, when it is recognized by Dar-ul-Uloom Binori Town, a reputed Islamic centre which has been a pivot in imparting religious education over decades?????

Now don’t tell me please that you doubt the Jamia too…..that would be nothing but plain plain ridiculous.

Please try to be reasonable.

Omer said...

People have just set their mind what they heard...if we can believe on rumors so easily then y not on facts...Its stereotyping simply ...we need some issue after some time to debate on and that's what we people are doing we are good for nothing we were blaming each other and and we will keep on blaming...we are gud just to talk not for anything fruitful. So, cmon open ur eye and work out on the physical evidences that has been provided...we can believe on word of mouth but can believe on written things...Now if still someone says its Haram do post some evidence with it as well because to prove it Halal many evidences are already posted...So come forward and prove it Haram if u have reason to prove it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Omer. We all need to be reasonable and understand all the physical evidences provided by Lay's. There are however some people out there who never try to resonate ( for reasons unknown).

We all bear witness to Lay's efforts to bring forward the truth and we also have been audience to a wide variety of proofs they have been providing since day one. Is it not evidence enough of their responsible attitude to clear the doubts and suspicions of its valuable market?

Be it fatwas or physical explanations, from the IFF to the ingredient detail, everything is out there, in verifications and certificates for everybody to check. I would suggest please try to understand the nature and for once start thinking out of the box.


Anonymous said...
check out this link to make the thngs clear for you guys. Do read the origin part of it.

Anonymous said...

It prove that it is made up of meat. so had better to give up it. may be it is haram.

Anonymous said...

After reading all the above msg n letters n Lays halal in India abt indian muslims eating this product is it safe...

Anonymous said...

After describe of above certified certificate but not cleared and hope everyone know very well how to get certificated hanky panky term, and said company is failure to provide complete explanation with test result no assurance about E631 it will be good for us to leave this all.

abjohn said...
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abjohn said...

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Abdul said...

Thanks for Sharing, Halaal Certification in Pakistan the Halaal Certification body in Pakistan that verifies and certifies food products as Halaal.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Kamran Ali said...

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