Stop Waiting for Super Hero

By Sarang

This post is a sequel of my previous post "Waiting for Super Hero".

I am sorry to disappoint you but the fact is that there is no such thing as a super hero. I know i am breaking your poor little heart by saying this but this is for your own good. You need to come out of this fantasy world and face this truth. IF you want to see some change YOU need to take action yourself . Take practice steps towards the solutions rather than mere pseudo-intellectual discussions. We all love to talk about national and global issues but when it comes to practical implementation most of us chicken out. We look for easy way out rather than practically doing something about it.

Do something practical. Make some positive contribution. There is no harm in thinking big but try to practically start with even something small. Do not even try to solve all of the world problems in one go rather solve one small problem at a time. Choose your battle and then attack.

For example if I have problem with filth in my neighborhood I have two options. I can start blaming and cursing the government in every gathering for not cleaning my neighborhood and continue living in that filth OR I forget about the government and do something about it myself. I can start off by cleaning my street myself or form a small group of volunteers from the neighborhood and divide this task. I can even convince people to give small monthly contribution so that someone is hired to do this job.

You can contribute to any world problem if you really want to. Whether it is global warming, poverty, war, corruption or even traffic mess in your city, you can do your share of work to make it better. The pathetic attitude that "it wont make any difference", "someone else should do it", "why should I do it", "its not my responsibility", "no one else is doing anything about it", "it is governments responsibility" is destroying us slowly. Whatever the problem, think and find out what can you contribute to make it a little better. Many a times you might not be able to make much of a difference but at least you would have tried unlike the other pathetic losers who just talked about it. Unfortunately most of us are lazy bums and hence choose the easier way out which is to talk, talk and just talk.

Only talking is not the solution to the problems. For Gods sake don't just speak of changing the world! Do something positive! Anything at all! No matter how small! Think and choose something right now and put your energies into it until you achieve it. Make small contributions to make this world a better place.

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