Waiting for Super Hero

By Sarang

One day a hero will come and solve all our problems. We just need to sit on our fat asses and keep on waiting for that super hero. He will come and do everything for us from cleaning up the garbage on our streets to stopping the global warming. You name it and he will do that for us. We just need to sit in our cushy chairs and keep talking about the issues that we are facing... Just continue talking, talking and talking because this is what this world needs the most at this point in time. We need a huge army of good-for-nothing pseudo intellectuals who just get together whenever they get a chance and start talking about the issues. Let everything else suffer.. leave everything and just share your wisdom with each other. Show each other that you know more about some petty new issue. Tell everyone that you spent hours listening to some jerk on TV and share an extended summary with everyone you meet. Share your insight about the latest political development in the country. Complain to everyone you meet about the filthy condition of your neighborhood. Tell every soul you can find about the crazy traffic mess. Just talk about it and make sure that you don't do anything practical to fix the issues because that is the task of the super hero. Once in a while for fun you can talk about the practical solutions to the problems but don't forget that the main aim is to talk, talk and talk no actual implementation of the solutions. Your job is just talking so you continue doing that and leave the rest to the super hero.

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Memory Vision said...

I got your point. I like the way you put it. How to come out of this wrong thinking that someone or something will solve our problems? Any ideas?

Sarang said...

Thanks for this feedback.

It will take a deliberate effort from all of us to end this wrong thinking. We will have realize and make others realize as well that no one is going to solve our problems for us. To solve something we have to take practical step towards the solution of the problems. Even if these are very small baby steps still it will result in some good.

For example if i have problem with filth in my neighborhood i can start off by cleaning my street myself or form a small group of volunteers from the neighborhood and divide this task. Or convince people to give small monthly contribution so that someone is hired to do this job. I don't need to blame and curse the government in every gathering for not cleaning my street and continue living in that filth.

I am writing a another small post on this topic. Hopefully I will share it in a couple of days.

Sarang said...

I have posted another article on this topic:


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